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Discussion in 'Rockchip RK3188 Tablets' started by rapsternapster, May 6, 2014.

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    Hi to all!!! I have just bought a two tv stick rk3188 (cx-919 and rk31sdk models) but I am having a problem with both when it comes to external HD.
    I have been using a 2TB WesternDigital external HD and sometimes the stick became inestable and close aplications and not scan the HD in apps like archos video player, or system explorer, etc.
    Now I would like to know if my stick are able to support the external HD or is another problem.
    I have been using it conected directly to the big USB port, I also tested in the OTC port, and also tested it with a HUB USB and in both cases I see the same problem.
    So please, what do you think it is the main problem? What should I do? Do you need another detail?
    I also can't see any option to extract any USB saftely like windows has.

    Thanks for your help and time!

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