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    Hi guys

    Im a total newbie to tablets so im looking for some help with regards the settings of the night mode in ezpdf. When i boutght the tablet ezpdf was pre loaded and had a fantastic night mode which turned the background black and the text white. However after a few daays i decided to start playing with the settings... bad move! There is a colour wheel to change the text and another to change the background which i swirled only to discover that there is no black and no white on these wheels so i cannot return it to its original (brill) format. I downloaded the user guide - useless, searched high and low -nothing, and tried to find a factory reset, no such luck! Does anyone know how to do this? Any help greatly appreciated!
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    Since black and white aren't considered true colors, they wont be on any color wheel. Try opening wheel again and moving finger around on it. It is probably a gradient thing. Many apps have color changes that can be made to it, you just have to play around to find the right color....

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