Fastboot problems on Android and PC

Discussion in 'Aishuo Tablets' started by kaybee327, Nov 20, 2012.

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    First on Android Aishuo A816

    Have 2 boot problems first have to go into recovery menu and do a re-boot. then it works . Ordinary boot hangs with the 2 superhero androids.

    Use power+menu to boot into fastboot but will not work, starts off ok but then hangs at :

    FASTBOOT update system
    Bena mid-device-001

    Have to power off to get out of it.

    On PC

    First of all ADB works fine can pull push or flash but when I type fastboot devices nothing happens just go back to cmd prompt. When I type fastboot I get the help menu so it seems to be 'installed' OK but can not connect to android.

    Have been searching for an original firmware to make a backup SD jus in case I F** up but cant find one. All the images I can find have a boot img and system folders.

    Can anyone help please


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