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Discussion in 'Viewsonic gTablet Technical' started by DiamondDog, Jan 1, 2012.

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    for 40+ years my father has written code for the government and private sectors.

    Received gTablet for Christmas. Thanks Dad!

    However, the words spilled out into the room.."And I set it up for you sweetie." - Cue the dread that settled underneath my sternum. I am NOT as proficient with computers as my father would like me to be...I took after my mother...an accountant. I can correct minor problems for the idoits at my office...I cannot replace operating systems, but I could learn. Not a complete idiot but for instructional purposes, lets go with third grade level...

    There was a weather app that would not download new locations, but suprisingly, gTablet was good for the first week-ish. I downloaded a few apps (Kindle, Amazon, a new weather app which also did not locate my entire state) all from the android store. Today, I am now getting an error message as follows:

    The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. [Force Close] This is a repeating loop.

    I tried to get to my settings to restore factory default, because this is where I figured I could correct this issue. No such access. When trying to browse web, no keyboard accessable to enter characters. I have uninstalled applications downloaded after receipt of tablet. Read on forum how to restart in recovery mode. Tried multiple times, still no go.

    Oh please, oh please save me from getting my father involved...because phone number on ALL paperwork included with gTablet "out of service and cannot be reached as dialed.":confused:
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    Start with the guide on flashing 5.1 in the technical section of the viewsonic section

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