FCC Tells the Wireless Carriers to Be Prepared; Soon will Test Data Speed Claims

Discussion in 'Android Tablet News' started by dgstorm, Sep 6, 2012.

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    Here is some welcome news. Have you ever wondered why your wireless data speeds don't ever seem to come close to the maximum, or sometimes even the median, that the manufacturer advertises? Most of the time it' simply network saturation, but sometimes it's still debatable as to whether our service is what our carriers claim. Apparently, the FCC wants to find out the reality of this for consumers. They plan to have the public help them do performance testing on wireless carrier networks to see if everything measures up to the marketing claims. Here's the full press release,

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    On one hand I say it's about time, but on the other hand I'm not always certain the FCC knows what they are doing. Where oh where is their definition of what 3G and 4G speeds really are?

    On the plus side we may actually be able to figure out who is consistently providing the best bandwidth, maybe. ;)

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