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    Hi all,

    The Problem: Comparing Coby Kyros 7,hp touchpad vs and Ipad and a Galaxy Tab 10.1 The former are not able to get all the points of a capture at regular Signing speed. say I write a U and get a V.

    The processor Is a good reason for the difference. but I want to identify the features necessary for obtaining a decent output. since there are many options for Signature Capture API.

    Will those work at hardware level? or bluntly put I need a tablet with more horse power.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5
    Interesting question and the answer isn't an easy one. Ultimately you would want to look for a tablet that claims it has a digitizer pad and a few newer tablets do, but I have a customer who is capturing nearly perfect signatures under less than ideal conditions in the field, using ASUS Transformer Primes.

    Much of what results in better capture is a better writing device as much as a better tablet. Most of the Styli out there aren't great for that but the Adonis Jot and Dagi lines are very different from most and feel very much like writing with a pen rather than a piece of foam or rubber on the tip of stick.

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