Few Flytouch II power consumption observations

Discussion in 'Gome Flytouch II' started by mid, Sep 28, 2011.

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    If there's already been similar testing I apologize in advance for spaming.

    Our FTII has 2x3.7V 3800mAh (I doubt it) Li-Po batteries connected in series making an average 7.4V of voltage output.
    I've done a little bit of testing regarding current load/consumption and here are my results (Amp-meter in series with batteries):

    Backlight OFF, WIFI OFF: 0.37A * 7.4V = ~2.74W;
    Backlight OFF, WIFI ON: 0.48A * 7.4V = ~3.55W;
    Backlight MEDIUM, WIFI OFF: 0.45A * 7.4V = ~3.33W;
    Backlight MEDIUM, WIFI ON: 0.55A * 7.4V = ~4.07W;
    Backlight MAX, WIFI OFF: 0.62A * 7.4V = ~4.59W;
    Backlight MAX, WIFI ON: 0.72A * 7.4V = ~5.33W;
    Backlight MAX, WIFI ON, WIFI MOVIE STREAMING: 0.82A * 7.4V = ~6.07W;

    "Stand-By" Mode, SCREEN OFF: 0.31A * 7.4V = ~2.3W;
    Battery Charging Current, TABLET ON: 0.45A;
    Battery Charging Current, TABLET OFF: 0.45A;

    I've simply multiplied condition current with avg voltage of 7.4V. If anyone has any better suggestion I'd be happy to listen and learn.

    All measurements taken with tablet on idle. I tried playing a movie from flash but noticed only 1-2mA of current more. This is probably because CPU always works on MAX 800Mhz.

    Since the battery is rated at 3800mAh, that gives us around 28Wh of juice (3.8Ah*7.4V). Given the average consumption of 4.5W that should give us around 6 hours of active use.
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    That is about the time I get with the backlight turned down to about half with wifi on

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