Figured out the tablet I wanted, now confussed!!!

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by tinki, Jan 29, 2012.

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    Huawei Ideos s7 tablet
    I hope to get some advice from some seasoned tab owners. About a year and a half ago I bought a Huawei Ideos S7 with froyo from BB. With the promise from BB and Huawei that an upgraded os was coming soon. What a joke, it never came after waiting for months and $300. later. Than after the first of the year they showed off thier new tablet @ CES and the S7 was forgotten. I still use the tablet only because I have learned how to overcome all the flaws and get out of it what I need, forget about the things I would want from it. That said, I decided to upgrade to a 10.1" tablet with a newer os. I started my research, decided on this one just to find out it had alot of flaws and upgrades to fix were slow in coming, than decided on another one, same thing, than another one and on and on. Sometimes research sucks. Finally nailed it down to a Acer Iconia a500 with honeycomb os. Waited till after Christmas just to find out no one has one in stock (found one yesterday at Toys R Us) and a new one the a200 came out. Than new ones are coming out from Acer after 2012 CES also Asus, Sony, Samsung, ect... are coming out with new tablets as well as "tada" the new android os--Ice Cream Sandwich. Some say the new but now old Acer a500 and newer a200 will receive the OTA update to ICS, some say that it will be real late in the second quarter if it does get the update. Well I been there with them promises. Now I just don't know what to buy. I can't really wait for the new products to come out because they will be lots higher priced than the ones I decided previously on. My budget it is around $400 for a new tab. I want a tablet I can surf the net, research interesting topics, social groups, decent camera/photo editing, read books, check mail and maybe play a game or two. Just do regular stuff all users do. I am no tablet guru. No nothing about rooting a system for personal customizing. Any suggestions??? A decent, fairly sound system??? I am sick of all the 'who can get the biggest baddest new kid on the block out first' games these manufacturers are playing and the Ipad killer games they are playing. No sooner than they get one new android os out than the new one is on the heels of that one. Can it be possible for an os to be out for atleast a year to make it worth the $ we spend on these tablets before the next bad ass it out??? Do they care about the money we spend on a new tablet and than the tablet becomes semi-dead with a few months because a new one is out with a new upgraded os and the the one we bought can't even be upgraded. I can't flip money that fast to buy a new tablet every 6 months. They need to give the consumers a break. Thanks I feel better to air that grip. I would appreciate any feedback anyone can give me into which tablet i would be better off buying. :confused:
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