File corruption and Data loss on external SD cards and USB sticks

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    G'day All,

    I have finally found the cause of file corruption and the loss of data on the external SD card.

    I was using FILE MANAGER HD when I plugged in my USB STICK to copy something. When I unmounted the USB stick and removed it, the external SD card showed no data on the card. At first I panicked.

    After a few moments I decided to reboot tablet (cold boot). Using a different file manager I tried to browse to the external SDcard. The card came up and the data was still there.

    So the upshot of this problem is that:

    If you lose data on your SD card DO NOT REMOVE IT, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIND YOUR DATA. just do a full reboot of your tablet and the data should be there. If you have removed the card or have attempted to locate your data, chances are that your data will be wiped out and lost.

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