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    I am completely new to tablets. My wife has an Ipad2 and I am thinking of buying an NATPC M0096 8Gb Tablet just to get some knowledge and perhaps save taking my laptop on holiday. However, there are one or two functions that I wish to perform on the tablet and I am not sure that it is capable of performing. One of the most important aspects is file handling. I receive emails with an attachment in pdf format. On the laptop I can save this onto my hard disk. I then load it onto a web site (using a page written in php) for others to view it on that web site. The upload page has a "browse" facility to find the file and upload it.

    So, can someone please halp me.

    How do I save the attachment received by email (and where do I save it)?

    And, more importantly, how can I then upload it onto a web site?

    Your help would be much appreciated.

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