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Discussion in 'Acer Iconia Tab A500 Forum' started by coachlees, Jul 19, 2011.

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    acer a500
    Ok...just new into the android platform. Got the a500 at Target yesterday

    I am copying files to the tablet from my computer and as far as I can tell they are going into my sd card. I am able to make the shortcuts using the file explorer apps...but is there a way to store these files on the tablet itself and not the sdcard?

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    Acer A500
    The sdcard is the tablet itself....that's your internal memory...the external_sd is the card you add yourself. So it goes like this:

    /mnt/sdcard < - internal storage
    /mnt/external_sd < - add on microSD card
    /mnt/usb_storage <- what you put in the usb slot

    If you get a file manger than you can navigate around the file system and move/copy files as needed. File Manager HD is nice.
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    Apr 28, 2011
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    /sdcard in tablets refers to the tablet's internal storage.
    /mnt/external_sd refers to the add in MicroSD card
    /mnt/usb_storage refers to any plugged in USB device.

    The file system is basically a Linux file system. Devices (external MicroSD, and USB) simply appear
    as sub-directories in the /mnt directory.

    The internal storage is refered to as sdcard, but it is technically located in /mnt/sdcard. This is the only area
    you can access when you cable your tablet to the computer.

    But once you get rid of your Apple ways:p, and stop cabling the tablet, you can download ES File Explorer from the market (Free), or a similar file manager, then you can move files over wifi from any other source you can access with wifi, Ftp, or Dropbox to the any of those storage locations on the tablet, and also move things from place to place on the tablet.

    You don't want to clog up all of your /sdcard memory with things you seldom need, like tons of pictures, or movies or stuff. Move as much stuff as you can to the add in microSD card ( /mnt/external_sd ). Create a subdirectory structure on that card. (Again with ES file Explorer or some such).

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