[FIRMWARE]Original Stock Nova 10 A31 Quad Core Tablet

Discussion in 'Allwinner A31 Based' started by androidjedi, Jan 31, 2013.

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    Cubeu30gt, Nova 10 A31

    This is the original firmware for the Nova 10 a31 tablet hosted by Mcbubs drop box account.

    Personally I prefer to use the Pheonix Suite to flash the image as it is a lot cleaner and simpler to use, and also the pheonixusbpro that came along with the image didn't work on my computer, I can only assume it is because I have a 64bit windows, if not something else, but pheonix suite worked perfectly with 0 errors.

    Also its worth to mention the usb cable that comes with this tablet is very flimsy, so when flashing anything via usb, leave the tablet on the table or other flat surface and do not move it or the usb cable, otherwise you risk bricking it entirely.

    Tested on my tablet, it all works.

    P.s The tablet when first booted with this firmware will be in chinese, but you can figure out by the pictures how to get into the settings/languages and the first item in that menu is the language selection.

    edit: I also added another mirror just in case
    Nova_10_firmware_V1.0_4.1.1_2013011501.rar - 233.46 MB
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    ty again for getting this firmware released.

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