fix my V812. please help

Discussion in 'Onda Tablet Forum' started by mostlyhuman, Aug 6, 2013.

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    Onda V812
    Help please
    my V812 is just over 3 months old, it stopped working. I tried to contact the company i bought it from. after trying for three weeks using all the emails and phone numbers for the company i could find and ebay where i purchased if from them. on one would answe or respond to my messages. I complained to ebay about Mad4pads not responding and honouring the guaranty. Ebay said they would looking to it, and have not got back to me.
    I contacted Onda`s website asking for help, and how to send the tablet back to Onda in china to get it fixed, explaining to them the above. they have not offered help or the information in need to retrun it to the factory to be fixed. I am in the UK Stevange.
    Dose any one know where I can take or send it to i the uk to get it fixed. it was a great tablet when it worked.

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