fj_vortex Android Version 4.0.3 kernal version 3.0.8

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    fj_vortex Android Version 4.0.3 kernal version 3.0.8
    I have had my tablet about 2 weeks, I started having tons of issues with the tounchscreen not working properly. I heard that it could be a problem with an app so I went to reset the the tablet and start from scratch since I barley had anything on it. After fighting with it for over an hour it refused to save anything and now I have a blank tablet, that now is just a paperweight. How do I go about getting the software for my tablet? Id rather not pay an arm and a leg since I don't even know if the touchscreen will work properly or not. I bought this second hand but it was like new and worked perfectly when I purchased it. Thanks if anyone can help me!

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