Flash 11 on WM8650 - Can this happen??

Discussion in 'WonderMedia WM8650 Tablets' started by unoproph, Dec 2, 2011.

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    Kulpad ME (WM 8650 Tablet)

    I'm new and new to the tablets altogether and just picked up a Kulpad Me from Amazon for about $85 after a few days I found out it is a WM8650 based tablet and wanted to reflash the OS, and I have done so with both Modroid and Uberoid working with my tablet. Right now I am using the most recent Uberoid and have gone through and set up everything else, but here's my question...

    I have read about Flash 11 not working on these tablets, but people may be working on this in the future. Is someone working on this or is it a lost cause? Basically FB (I can't spell at the whole site at work, since the name is blocked) has Flash games and it would be nice to play those flash games on the tablet too. With Flash 10.1 it tells me to upgrade my version of Flash. I have installed Skyfire and the video codec packages also, but still to no avail. So the question is will flash 11 ever work?

    Or if anyone has a work around that has worked that would be great.


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