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Discussion in 'Pandigital SuperNova' started by nthl0gik, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Apr 12, 2012
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    near richmond VA
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    pandigital supernova & coby kyros MID8125

    i'm a new person to the forum here. i live near my state capital in virginia.

    the two tablets i own are:
    1. pandigital supernova (android 2.3 OS)
    2. coby kyros MID8125 (android 2.3 OS)

    i'm only curious about one thing with my pandigital. my coby kyros can access a flash drive,
    but my pandigital cant seem to. i don't even understand what it may be missing. if there
    was some kind of app or USB firmware that i could find??? i tried calling the pandigital MFGR,
    they weren't much help.... i'm very disappointed about that. i can understand if it would
    seem unnecessary to want both tablets to have that USB connection aspect since both have
    SDHC card slots(max 32gb). i'd just like to have both tablets perform with optimal ability and
    backing up important files/apps on a flashdrive is always a needed thing. if there might be
    any coby or pandigital owners here that could be of assistance in the event i should need
    any tutorial/help with certain features or aspects that i may not immediately understand,
    it'd be much appreciated. :D
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    NOOK Tablet Stock NOOKcolor Rooted/Flashed Nexus 7 (2013) 32GB Stock
    Hello, welcome to the forum and congratulations on your tablets. Nice of you to become a member of Android Tablets. I'm pretty sure your problem is being caused by the lack of a driver. I have no idea whether one is available for your tablet or not. Since the problem tablet is your Pandigital, I'm moving your thread over to the Pandigital Novel forum for you. The folks there are the experts on your particular tablet and hopefully someone there will be able to help you out. Good luck!

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