Flash Icoo D50 Deluxe II 4gb and flash Icoo D50 A13 8gb tablets and software download

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    Icoo D50 Deluxe II 4gb and Icoo D50 A13 8gb

    I am an icoo tablet owner. Can someone help me in these issues please because i have 2 tablets stuck on the android word . The tablets wont boot so they told me i need to flash the software

    1) Can you give me the exact softwares i need to download for the icoo d50 deluxe II 4gb and for the icoo d50 a13 8gb ???? I tried www.soft/aoicoo.com but there were too many softwares and i didnt know which suits mine

    2) Can someone show me step by step how do i flash an icoo tablet and what buttons i need to press and what i need to do to flash these type of tablets ???

    I would be very very grateful if someone can teach me to flash these tablets and give me the exact softwares i need to download for both the tablets mentioned above

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