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Discussion in 'Asus MeMO Pad 10' started by vixi, Nov 18, 2013.

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    Hi. I have an asus memo 10 fhd . I 'd like to watch online serials on dedicated sites and i cannot. I tried to install many browsers, i have firefox beta, dolphin , opera and so on ... i installed all available flash plugin and also older version of adobe flash player and i still cannot find a way to see the online streams.... if you are having a solution for this ,i'll be glad to hear it!!! I'm getting crazy having this wonderfull tablet and cannot do the simplest thing i can do with my iphone , other cheaper tablets. Tx in advance
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    Welcome to the forum,

    It sounds like you did most of what I would have suggested and the browsers you listed so support Flash, (some browsers have a setting to enable plug-ins). Chrome won't use Flash but you didn't list that. In my sig I have a link that will take you to the most recent Flash Player but it almost sounds like there may be some other app those sites need.

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