Flynx is a Free App That Completely Transforms How You Use Your Android

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    Sometimes a software idea comes along that offers up a truly innovative idea, and today we found a great example of that. It's called Flynx (by InfiKen Labs) and it will quite literally change the way you use your Android device. Flynx basically replaces your default web browser with a new one, It creates pop-ups within the browser which work similarly to Facebook's chat heads. In Facebook, these are pretty annoying, but in the context of how Flynx works, it's actually quite brilliant, as it basically allows you to multi-task like a madman!

    Flynx allows you to tap any of the links in any app and the page will load in the background. Simultaneously, a chat head-like icon appears on the side of your display. You can then tap the icon and a smaller version of the page will appear on top of whichever app you are using at that time. Tabs are supported as well, and there is even a read later service, which saves pages to be read online or offline later.

    The icing on the cake regarding Flynx is that it is a completely free app! Here's the full description from the Google Play Store:

    Here's a link to the company website for more info, and you can check out the video above too to see it in action: For more information, please visit our website

    Here's a link to the Play Store to try it out:
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    I couldn't make any sense of it. Could get beyond the promo screen that booted when I loaded it. Well I tried.

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