Flytouch 2 (SuperPad) Froyo 2.2 Upgrade not yet ready for prime time…

Discussion in 'Gome Flytouch II Firmware' started by geofferyh, Sep 3, 2012.

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    After my SuperPad with 2.1-update 1 V2.2:#3245 temporally “bricked” itself the other day (no idea why); I thought I just might take a look at what all the excitement was about with regard to the Flytouch 2 Android (Froyo) 2.2 - #4325 upgrade. Well, I must say I am greatly disappointed. In my opinion it is certainly not ready for prime time.

    After two days of tinkering to get it installed I have only been able to get Version 4 as far as the “mountain range” wallpaper, but with a dead screen so I could not continue with the startup. I have gotten Version 5 only as far as the initial calibration screen with a upper left corner calibration image or sometimes to the lower right calibration image, and then the screen is once again “dead”. Both cases indicate a system crash to me. Something is very wrong and it is not the SuperPad. Maybe this thing will only work on some very specific Flytouch 2 tablet configurations. Considering the negatives already voiced by others and the hardware limitations of the Flytouch 2 tablet, FORGET IT.

    With regard to those who have been frustrated by the current download of WinHex (version 16.6) not having unlocked “Tools” (Cloning function), try to locate version 15.8 since it is fully unlocked (At least mine is).

    Also, getting the 3245 upgrade reinstalled by the SDCard method was a piece of cake. I did it several times just to be sure after the Froyo 2.2 experiment was such a bust.

    Many kudos to Rocal for his v2.1 - 3245 upgrade efforts, it’s still the best yet.
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