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Discussion in 'Ice Cream Sandwich' started by a211097, Sep 10, 2012.

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    I have a FLYTOUCH VII with 4.X Android. Having a problem where the unit will shutdown (sometimes) when I remove the power cord from it. It happens more often than not. ItÂ’s at the point now where I cant boot it up unless the power cord is installed and the battery reads 99-100% charged.

    Any ideas?
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    Check the output of your power supply to see that it is in fact outputting the proper voltage (9v, IIRC)...

    It is possible that the battery is defective and not taking a charge. Tho it shows 99-100 it is more line 0-1 and only runs on external power.

    Does it show a charge light when you plug it in... even for a second or two?
    A bad battery may prevent the charging system from working properly, too...

    If it is VERY new, Id go to your seller and see what they can/will do about replacing it.
    OR... you can 'pop it open' and see about replacing the battery... I believe there are a few sources (ebay, of no other) that you might get one from.

    Good luck!

    PS... I have one I would be willing to part with, if it would be possible to get a copy of your KERNEL (uImage) for testing...
    (barter system - dontcha luv it? :p )
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