For those looking for kernel source to use as a reference for A2109 development

Discussion in 'Lenovo IdeaTab A2109' started by FloRider, Dec 6, 2012.

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    I would look at Nexus 7 kernels, mainly because there are so many. You can look for a kernel with only the specific mods you are interested in, and you'll usually find something very close to what you want to do. So check the typical forums, see what mods are included in a kernel, and get the source. Just be sure to talk to the developer first if you're using their actual code.

    By the way, gmarkall tells me that the N7 and A2109 are both on the 3.1.10 kernel, so that is one more reason to reference it.

    Edit: If you want a kernel with minimum mods, I have been using an early version of Motley's N7 kernel: motley-git-Kernel-Nexus7-02eea73
    From what I recall, the only significant mods are overclocking and undervolting. I believe he's using the Linaro toolchain. He's been updating the kernel, and it looks like there have been quite a few changes since that early release. Two more that I downloaded (but haven't looked at):

    These early versions are a good place to start, I believe, if you are looking for code to use as a reference.
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