FR-809 Freescale Mx515 - G-sensor issue

Discussion in 'APAD IMX515' started by jfrail01, Feb 3, 2011.

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    FR-809T - Samsung Captivate
    Good Morning All;

    I recently experimented with a new rom for this Tab and it does work much better... the only problem is my G-sensor stopped working... so now its only on Landscape. To be Honest its not suck a big deal because I use the Tab mostly 99.99999% on landscape mode. But its just bothers me!

    So if anyone out there knows a fix, please assist. I have Downloaded the sensor files from several sites/links and it still doesn't work.

    Thank you all :eek:
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    It sounds like you flashed a single speaker firmware into a dual speaker tablet (or vice versa). If you have a dual speaker tablet try flashing to Big D's firmware -- made for dual speaker. If you have a single speaker tablet I've heard that XAUMOD firmware is quite good.

    Always check to see which tablet model the firmware was made for. Look for screws on the end of your tablet. You have the single speaker model if there are screws near your SD card slot and your data cable connector. If there are no screws on your tablet you *may* have a 2 speaker model.

    Which tablet do you have, and which firmware did you install?
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