Fujitsu Leaked Roadmap Shares Future Windows 8 and Android Tablet Details

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    A new leaked roadmap from Fujitsu shares details on some of their future tablet related products. The roadmap shares rough and wide-ranging timelines for both Windows 8 tablets and Android tablets. Here is a list of devices that show up on the "confidential" Fujitsu roadmap:
    • 10-inch High-End “Bacura” - Android (maybe the Sylistic tablet we saw earlier this year.)
    • 10-inch Volume Android slate - second quarter of 2012.
    • “New performance Slate with attachable keyboard” set for the third quarter of 2012 running Windows 8
    • Several Windows 7 “convertable tablets” - Lifebook T902 with a 13.3-inch display - And the Lifebook T732 with 12.1-inch display - 3rd Generation Intel Core Ivy Bridge processors and will be guaranteed an upgrade to Windows 8
    • Q5xx tacked on its 10.1-inch - Windows 8
    It's amazing how many manufacturers are coming forward to design tablets, and it will be interesting to see some of these new Android and Windows 8 tablets when they finally arrive. Share your thoughts.

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