Fujitsu UltraSlim Arrows Phone and Arrows Tab Get Dunked and Abused

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    One of the most interesting new devices to come out of CES this year comes from a surprising manufacturer, and got some interesting demo treatment, shown in the video above. The Fujitsu Ultrathin (6.77mm) Arrows smartphone, (of which we shared a bit about previously), and the Fujitsu Arrows Tablet got treated to some steel-ball bearing dropping abuse and full submerging in water to show off their waterproof capabilities. The devices are even promoted as being useable in the bathtub. These devices use Gorilla Glass (no word on whether it was OG Gorilla Glass or the new 2nd Gen version) as well as several other techniques to give them extra toughness and water-resistance.

    Interestingly, when the makers of the video tested the tablet after submerging it in the water, the tablet powered itself off. Was this a case of "epic fail" or simply a battery going dead with bad timing? They weren't sure, but they did attest to having tried several of them without having that same thing happen again. At first these phones will be relased primarily in Asian markets, but the company did express interest in bringing them to the United States as well. It'll be interesting to see how these devices fair.

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    I'm curious as too just how waterproof it is. Submerging it in a tank is one thing; taking it diving is something else. Imagine how useful this could be for divers if it can handle the job.

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