Fw: Ankaka's 3rd Wish List Video contest - Every Entry receives $20 Guaranteed Ankak

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    Fw: Ankaka's 3rd Wish List Video contest - Every Entry receives $20 Guaranteed

    ********** is currently running an innovative and exciting contest where Every Entry receives $20 Guaranteed

    Here it is:

    (*)Everyone is invited to have a look at ********** and look through all the amazing and innovative consumer wholesale electronic products and find something they really need or just want

    (*)All you have to do is make a little video telling us why you want to add this product to your personal wish list

    (*)The winning videos will be judged on originality, creativeness and entertainment value

    (*)Videos can be uploaded to YouTube via attaching it as a video response to Ankaka's YouTube account at: or it can be uploaded anywhere on the internet (personal home page, blogs, other video sites, etc) and just email us the link to: marketing@**********

    (*)Deadline: 2010-11-30

    (*)First Prize - $300 Store Credit!

    (*)Second prize - $100 US store credit!

    (*)Third Prize??- $50 US store credit!

    (*)Everyone else who takes the time to create and upload a video will receive a $20 store credit just for mentioning ********** in your video! And yes, that is for EACH video! (maximum of 1 per entrant)

    Full details: Ankaka Wish List Video Contest – Every Entry receives $20 Guaranteed « Wholesale Electronics Help Center

    Ankaka Youtube Wishlist Video Contest is drawing to an end. You still have a few days to upload your wishlist video!
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