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    Who will have little frogs against evil beavers? Maybe you?!

    Meet one of the most popular games on Bada! Battle Frogging is finally came to Android!

    The frogs had lived at their swamp for many generations, but one day, the beavers came and built their dam which started drying up the swamp and destroying the frogs homeland. The frogs need your help to punish the offenders and deal out justice...

    Battle Frogging is a physics based arcade/puzzle. It features cool characters, nice stylish graphics and addictive gameplay, this is great game for the whole family.

    Game supports most smartphones (starting from 320x240) and Android tablets (Galaxy Tab and similar).

    You can get Lite version here:

    Buy full version to get much more levels:

    Thanks for your interest. Please visit Battle Frogging website to find more:
    Battle Frogging - Battle Frogging Game



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