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    Hi Folks

    There is something new ;-) I've seen a nice little game on the iPhone (Milpa) and I liked the concept so much, that I've made my own one for android (because it is not available on android) - also there were some things i missed in the original :)




    The game fits in the "match-3" category - nothing really new

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    In Sholik the way to match them is like this:

    Drag your finger from the left to the right - this way you connect the elements into one large element. When you release your finger, this large element rotates as a whole by 180 degrees.

    The goal is to match all possible elements by using this method. You are playing against the time. If you remove more than 3 elements in a row you will gain 1 seconds (more time) per element.
    But every stage needs to clear more elements and you only get 40 seconds more for each stage, so it get's quite hard :)

    The overall goal is the most important of the world: Highscore!
    Beat your friends!

    To master this game you will need to combine very fast and think logically to find the most effecient way to solve the stage.

    Sholik is available for free at google play (formerly: android market)

    Please visit Sholik - Fast Paced Puzzle Game to stay informed about updates!

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