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    Hello, I just finished this game recently. I'm not the best artist, but the game is fun.

    Super Ballz

    Google Play Store - Super Ballz


    The Game

    Take control of a Super Ball as you try to rescue your balldog from the evil blocks that stole her. Play through 100 levels in Story Mode as you track down the evil block that is now holding your balldog or see if you have what it takes to get all 750 stars on the 250 levels in Challenge Mode. Just like the Super Balls you played with as a kid, this Super Ball never stops bouncing!

    A simple and addicting puzzle game. Simply tap the left or right side of the screen, and the Super Ball will move in that direction. And since it is a Super Ball, it will never stop bouncing. Not all blocks are made alike! You must be careful, some blocks cannot be destroyed. These blocks may change the color of your Super Ball or even destroy your Super Ball!





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