[GAME] Tessera 3D - three dimentional tetris

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    Would like to introduce you our Android game Tessera 3D.
    Tessera 3D is three dimentional variance of tetris. 21st century look for the classic tetris :).

    Game brief description:
    A random sequnce of 4-cube blocks fall down the 6x6x15 playing field. The objective of the game is to manipulate these blocks by moving each one with the aim of filling layer with the defined amount of cubes (amount of cubes depends on a level). When the layer contain necessary amount of cubes it disappears and any block above the deleted layer will fall. Block falling speed is being increased with the each removed layer. The game ends when a new block can't enter playing field.

    Basic game rules (also available in application itself): Tessera3D - 3D Tetris

    Tessera 3D Free version (with ads) Android Market URL
    Tessera 3D Pro version (no ads just for $2,99) Android Market URL

    Looking forward your comments, suggestions and ideas!


    Thank you!

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