Games, Apps, & Hardware For The M16-GPS Tablet

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    M16-GPS APad andriod 2.1 10.2" tablet
    As promissed in my other post, here is a list of Games, Apps and Hardware that worked on my Android Tablet.

    Logitech MK520 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
    8 Gb FT memory card
    2 Gb USB thumb drive

    Apps that worked
    Apk Manager (allows you to install non market apk files)
    Skyfire Web Browser (Browser with ability to play flash videos)
    Task Manager (task killer)
    WinAmp (audio player, no visual affects like milkdrop, Boo!!!)
    Wi-Fi settings (shortcut to system wi-fi)
    3G Settings (shortcut to system 3G settings)
    AVG Antivirus (virus scanner)
    Android Tablet Forum app (great app to view the website)
    OfficeSuite Pro (Cant wait to see if there will be an Open Office version for Android)
    Amazon for Android (I love Amazon)

    Pre-installed apps
    Gallery, PhotoFrame, CCPlayer, Music, Gmail, Email, Sound Recorderm Public Radio Live Stream, Contacts, Calendar, YouTube, Camera, Simiji (IM I think), Voice Search, WowReaderm OIFile Manager, Alarm Clock, Google Maps, Browser (Webkit), Google Talk, Android Marketplace, ADSL Settings, Ethernet Settings, Settings, System Update, Calculator

    TV apps that worked
    SPB TV
    TV on Phone
    PBX TV
    Tru TV
    Animal Planet
    USA TV Droid (Builds TV Guide info based on channel selections)

    Games that worked (all free)
    Square Puzzle Free (ad supported and all but one picture blocked) Uninstalled
    Mummy (ad supported, works but screen size is for phone not tablet 10" tablet)
    Baseball Tonight (ad supported, Rom Emu, on screen controller pad)
    Tetris (ad supported, again, small screen, made for phone play not tablet play)
    Clasic Jewels (no ads, full screen vertical mode only)
    Amtale Lite (no ads, full screen, demo version, will buy full game, worth the price of $3.99)
    Word Search (ad supported, background is full screen but text is small screen format)
    Chess for Android (no ads, full screeen)
    Checkers (ad supported, full screen after start but board background does not match checker placement as checker placement is for small phone screen)
    Tank Recon 3D Lite (no ads, full screen, game play slows when too many animations are on the screen)
    FrozenBubble (no ads, full screen, works both horizontal and vertical, vertical preferred)
    BlackJack(no ads, full screen, no instructions, 1st drag a chip to wage a bet then play)
    250+ Solitaire Collection (no ads,full screen, too many types, seems to work)
    Spades (ad supported, full screen, works)
    Backgammon (ad supported, full screen, multi player, nice game)
    Reversi (ad supported, small screen)
    Glow Puzzle (as supported, small screen, fun)
    Connect4 (ad supported, full screen, fun)
    SimonClone (no ads, 1/2 screen, fun)
    Disney Memory Game (no ads, 1/2 screen, vertical play only, fun for kids)
    Color Logic (mastermind clone, full screen, vertical play only)
    Memorix (no ads, full screen, great fun for a family game day)
    Ghosts 'n Goblins (no ads, full screen, emu, set options for screen and movement)
    FinalFantasyII (no ads, full screen, emu, set options for screen and movement)
    FinalFantasyIII(ad supported, full screen, emu, a little choppy)
    Spider Man (ad supported, full screen, fun game of swinging from tower to tower)

    Still in the works are...
    GPS app testing
    Sipdroid, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace testing

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    Datan T25 / E51 5inch tablet
    I am new and I have 5 inch tablet runs 2.1 android touch screen, and wish to install TV and games FREE, could you advise where the site I can use to download directly .
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    I cannot install games directly to this tablet

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