Gamestop Pre-orders for the Nexus 7; Also Offers 30% Trade-in for Old Tablets & More

Discussion in 'Android Tablet News' started by dgstorm, Jul 5, 2012.

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    Google's Play Store isn't the only place you can get a pre-order for their new Nexus 7 tablet. Gamestop just issued a press release a couple days ago sharing that they are now offering the new tablet for preorder as well. A Gamestop preorder has something going for it that the Google Play Store does not. At Gamestop you can trade-in your old tech, like "video game hardware, software and accessories as well as iDevices and eligible Android tablets." How does that sound? Trade-in your old stuff and replace it with a brand new Nexus 7 for cheaper! Pretty slick! Here's the full press below,

    Thanks for the tip, Trav!

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    Just a heads up to anyone planning the gamestop route: Leave it as a last resort. Back during the chaos for the Transformer Prime in December/January/February, I called around and my local Gamestop said they could "guarantee" it in store by a certain date because they were getting a special shipment, so I went down and did the preorder. Long story short: They were lying to make a preorder (which, to my understanding, counts as a sale for store records) and Amazon (who honestly gave an estimate of the end of the month, rather than Gamestop's guarantee of a specific date) actually shipped me mine first.

    Even more galling was the customer service of Gamestop when I called to see if it was ready for pickup on the guaranteed date: After an hour of them calling me a liar and screaming at me and "losing connection" quite a few times, the manager admitted that the person I talked to was a seasonal employee who they let go (even though I had talked to her on the phone the second and third time they hung up on me...) and that she communicated incorrect information (that I was later able to make him admit was told to her by her manager, which was him...). Basically she "meant" to say that it would ship "on or around" that day. So basically the exact same thing as Amazon, just with an added layer of dishonesty to boost sales.

    According to my friend who didn't bother to do a separate Amazon order, he got his a week or two later and it worked fine. But he basically got his "guaranteed in-store Tablet" 3 weeks later than me (Amazon shipped mine the day after my "guaranteed pick-up date"), and we both got some horrifyingly bad customer service (which hopefully varies from store to store).

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