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    So, what I was wondering was this:
    Is there a way to install apps on your internal storage rather than installing it to the 'Applications' part of the hard drive, where only 269MB is allowed for apps and THEN move it to your internal storage (and some apps can't do that)...
    I'm asking because I have lots of apps on my Archos 101 (Gen8 device) and almost half of them can't be moved to the internal storage and now I have no space left for the apps and I can't update or install anything... And I don't want to uninstall apps, because finding them was a real struggle... :'(
    So, any way to do it?

    Guess not, i checked all other forums, no help...
    I could use Apps 2 SD but I couldn't move the apps on my Applications folder to the Internal storage folder :wall: ...
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