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Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1' started by frankp2491, Aug 19, 2011.

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    samsung galaxy tablet 10.1
    i just bought the galaxy lastnight and im having some issues and regrets. i cant get it to auto capitalize ...dispite the settings. cant get it to autocorrect dispite settings, cant figure out why every sight i go too keeps uploading the mobile version if the tablet is fully functional browser than it should load the normal/full sight. flash i just installed and rebooted the device to see if it fixed it but it didnt. also why cant i find any apps in the store it is only giving me like 5 apps per section is their still no apps for the tablets?

    also if anyone knows i bought this for business, i want to be able to design working pages on it whats a good sight to help me learn thr ins and outs of this thing because i kind of wish i had gone with the ipad already but i wanted to give android a shot. clearly i understand now why apple is owning most markets but asside from thr problems im having i want to try and stick it out with this device is anyone willing to teach me how to fully work this thing?

    by the way i didnt edit my post intentionally so you all can see that im not lieing whem i say their is no spellcheck or capitalize function... and their turned on in the settings lol i appreciate the help in advance and appologise for the additude i was just venting my frustratuon.

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    Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Dell Streak 5
    Once you start typing the first letter in the sentence will auto cap. Every new sentence there after will be the same....did you change the keyboard or or you using the stock one...A nice keyboard app is called "swift something or another" check the market...It gives you many choices the best being a black keyboard which looks great .with the Galaxy.

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