Generic Rockchip RK2808a 10" Tablet Specifications and Pictures

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    Asus Transformer TF300, Huwaei Ideos S7-104, HSG X5A, (Past APAD IMX515, APAD RK2808, RK2818 RT7)
    It's a generic product. I wont go by any name or brand for this.
    Making this thread because this thing is being sold at a ridiculous price.

    But some people might call this the Orphan M16+.

    Dumping this information here before more confusion arises about this product.

    Rockchip RK2808a 10" Android Tablet if anything

    Custom ROMs:
    Rogerbraun's 10" Apad Archos Hybrid ROM, download at TabletStoreUK support

    Rockchip RK2808a @ 600MHz (+550MHz DSP)
    128MB RAM
    Android 1.5
    10.1" TFT display native 1024*600
    Resistive single touch
    2GB NAND ROM (others may be available)
    USB 2.0 Host port
    USB host cable, USB data cable, charger, headphones

    Stores and Pricing:
    Prices last updated Aug 11 (did not bother to check if prices included shipping)

    Alibaba listings in China are at 1000RMB ($150US) per unit to be sold factory wholesale.

    CnaDigital US$195.00
    TabletStoreUK £209.00 / US$327.5
    Chinagrabber/PricedinChina/******* US$287.99

    Gallery 1:
    Alibaba source

    Gallery 2:
    CnaDigital source (where half their pictures are of the ZT180)
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