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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Hacking' started by Pablocr, Aug 29, 2011.

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    Hi all.

    I know web is full of these kind of questions but I would like to start my way into cooking rooms but I do have some questions to get started and a little help would be appreciated.

    I'm attempting to use another custom rom as base but these questions should apply to anything really:

    1. A rom is not a normal project that we can import into eclipse, or at least not right after extracting the files from a ZIP so, who do you guys manage it? you just keep everything in a folder and go file by file?

    2. A rom should have at least 3 parts: bootloaders, kernel and OS, how do you know what is what?

    3. Once you change something, you just out it all back together and flash it? is there any "build" task that needs to be done before trying to install?

    4. Is it possible to test a rom in an emulator before pushing it to the device (I know there will be a lot of problems specially due to hardware, but if you just want to test the OS part of it?

    I'm new to android but no to development so just please remember when you were new to android and had questions, that is exactly the same info I'm looking for, so links or references to where to find it will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks all!
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    Let me try to answer your questions but do note that I am NOT a developer but do have some knowledge.

    If you are not a developer, I would say you shouldn't even try to cook your own ROM.
    It is too risky and too complicated.

    The best or first few things you can try/learn to do is to try changing your boot logo, or do more advanced things first like rooting your hardware to make it do something that it normally can't.
    Or try to start learning how to use Linux first, after all Android is Linux based, if you can't use Linux, you have no hope to be able to modify any ROM.

    I think it will take someone at least a few years to learn from zero to be able to do some level of modifications, maybe more if you are going to be an advanced developer and able to modify/write kernel drivers.

    Correct, it is more complicated than that.

    In short, you have to build/configure your Linux development environment first.
    If you are using a BSP, then you can start build the ROM according to the instructions given in the BSP.
    This is assuming you are NOT doing any modifications.
    You should be able to find more information on this. Try searching for Android development board ROM building, BSP documentation, etc..

    BSP = board support package, that is assuming you are using a development board.

    If you don't know what these are, then you shouldn't even considering building your own ROM.
    For Android, I believe there are more parts than this. You have not mentioned the recovery partition.
    Again, try reading Linux OS, it is the same or similar structure.

    YES, you have to BUILD, meaning compile the code into binary which will work on the device.

    You will see errors if the build fails.
    You have to flash it to actual hardware to test.
    Most hardware/software are designed such that you will have a way to recover from failure.
    That is what the recovery partition is for. There are other methods, such as fastboot which allows you to write to hardware via USB from computer.
    If you are using development board, you will also have serial port connection which you can use to download ROM to the board, meaning even if you board have nothing in the flash memory, you can still install the ROM on it.

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