give me some assistance with the Tornados

Discussion in 'Novo Tablets' started by boneskid1, Jun 5, 2012.

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    Htc TP2 w/DualBoot android FROYO
    i have been out the foreign tablet loop for quite a while, but i got an email from one of the distrubtors so i decided to look and now i have found this ainol novo7 tornados.
    as i was looking i found in a specs list that it has a mips processor, but in another list i found that it has a cortex A9, which is true, Also has anyone actually used the tablet, does it have the true Google play apk on it.

    and if i do decide to buy this tab where is the best place to purchase?

    before i have ordered off of and it took forever but i got it, but then i tried to order off of china grabber (now called deals prime) and i never got anything and i waited 2 months, so i refunded the purchase.

    i am not wanting to drop a ton on a tab so what is the best bang for the buck i want to stay well under 200 including shipping costs.

    Edit: Does anyone have the Elf 2, it claims to have a 1.5ghz dual core inside but idk how well it preforms and i only found one video where the user somewhat spoke of the performance.
    and is it true that with both of these tabs you can only use a 16gb micro sd card max.

    One more question. does the play store work 100% i have found no true answer on this.

    Thank You for your time,
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    May 29, 2012
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    Ainol Mars
    I would stay away from the Tornado until they come out with a newer batch that has all the bugs worked out of it. It's only functioning with 2 point touch, not five. Lots of freezing issues and hardware related problems with them right now.
    I don't really have any info on the Elf 2, (bought the Mars). It also has issues. Touch screen response seems to be a reather large problem.
    Google play does work. I can vouch for that. It even says "ainol mars tablet" with the list of compatable devices on google play from the pc.
    I purchased mine from
    It says they ship within 2 days of order. I had to threaten with paypal dispute after 7 days to get them to ship it. It did arrive in Canada within 4 days.
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    Oct 10, 2010
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    I wish I read your post before I plunged my hard earned $. I got the Tornado. I hope the Mars is better. Today, I got the Mars. Sad to say, apple dont fall far from tree. Both of them are full of bugs.

    1) Tornado: 2 point touch, not 5 point. Googleplay works. All of a sudden, the screen frozen to 1 order at a minute, roughly. It took me a very long time to be able to get into the settings and flashed to factory setting. You talking about a tablet that was only 4 hrs out of box. So far, I am scar to install apps. Wifi is kind of weak. The tablet itself is the most esthetically built, very nice looking. Except bevels are 3/4 inch thick. Came pre-rooted. People 'ungraded' to newer ROM and introduced more bugs, screen becomes unresponsive, wifi wont connect... All have to return to factory :(

    2) Mars: Exactly like the Tornado, but with more bugs :( . screen is unresponsive as if it is a resistence screen. Delay lags made input painful. You cannot just press a word, you have to type a letter, then wait 1 second before it will take a second letter. Very interesting. Only touch has a delay, when both fingers are on the screen to zoom in and zoom out, it is heavenly smooth. So the touch delay is really a touch thing, not the tablet itself. Market works. Came prerooted. Came stock ROM 20120518. Read from posts, upgraded to new ROM, introduced much more bugs :(

    Screen wont go to sleep when plug in. I already uncheck that option in Settings.
    AC adapter dead on arrival. I am using my cellphone charger now.

    Total damage: $200.

    I am looking at those Ainol, and felt very upset that I bought Ainol. Although they are NOT unusable, but they are not at the level of what they advertised.

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    I have owned 1 Palidan, 1 Elf and 2 Tornados.
    The Palidan was nice but the MIPS processor caused a lot of apps to fail
    The Elf is great, I put the modified firmware and runs nice
    The 2 tornados also got the modified firmware and I think they both perform better or as good as than the elf.
    The Tornados only have 2 point multi touch and I think the Elf screen looked nicer but not by much.
    Do you really need 5 point multi touch?

    Not sure why there are some people with so much trouble. Remember these are NOT iPads or ASUS Transforner Primes both that sell for 5 or 600 bux.
    I have an Asus Transformer TF 101 and it is better than any Novo I have owned but I can buy almost 5 Tornados for the price of the Asus.

    Tornados is $85 Asus was $399. So are these complainers Macheads that crap on anything that is not Apple? Not sure. I like the Ainol product and would buy again.
    You need to put the best FW on them that comes out. One thing I notice about Ainol is that they release new models like I change my socks which can be good and bad.
    The good is they improve the new models and sell them for less money and the bad is the hacking community never seem to get going on custom FW and a new one comes out.

    All had the play store and the mod FW fakes it to a Samsung.
    Bought 1 from MCbub
    1 from Pandawill
    1 from Android in a box
    You may get lied to when the say they have stock and then after you pay the "Just sold the last one and will have more soon" story comes out.

    2 things
    1-Always use Paypal
    2-Always create an account on the site BEFORE you buy

    Be prepared to cancel if they don't have it in stock and start promising. I wish the Chinese would realize that customers hate being lied to.
    We are not stupid in the USA. We invented greed! When you don't have it don't sell it!
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