Give that new Nook app a spin with some free ebooks

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    Found this on the internet. Thought it might be nice here.


    [h=4]Things You'll Need[/h]
    • The Nook

      • 1Try - choose a genre in the left sidebar, then click on 'public domain only.' You will find an extensive list of public domain books you can download to your Nook device.

      • 2Try - this site has an extensive list of reference/textbook types. They are listed by subject. The fiction offerings are mainly science fiction and there quite a few of them. This is a reference goldmine for just about any other subject you can think of, including
        , internet, japanese, electrical engineering, finances, you name it.

      • 3Also look at - in the left sidebar under 'Browse' click on 'free ebooks.'
        There are more at - listed by subject, PDF format.

      • 4Alos look at - all free. This is a great resource that lists libraries, author sites with free reads, and links to other free ebook lists.

      • 5Don't forget Barnes and Noble!. They have free ebooks at
        Project Gutenberg has been providing free ebooks for years.


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