Gmail to start automatically displaying pictures

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    Do you not like that Gmail doesn’t automatically display images in emails? You have to manually allow Gmail to show photos from each sender, which can get quite annoying. But it’s for your protection, as embedded images can be dangerous. But no longer! Gmail will start automatically displaying images on desktops starting today!
    To prevent any security issues from fishy embedded photos, Google will now host all embedded photos from emails on its own servers and check them for viruses or security threats. This will make your life easier and safer, a win/win for all of us. But if you like approving images being displayed, that option is still available.
    This new feature will be rolling out to desktop users starting today, so you should see it very soon. However, it won’t come to mobile devices until early 2014, so Gmail for Android users will have to wait a while. Still, it’s a great improvement that I look forward to. Would you prefer approving images or letting them load automatically?

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