gome clone etouch 700et audio issues

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Audio' started by bozie, Oct 25, 2012.

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    elonex 700ET
    Ill start with a short explination as to why this has happened so I can atleast give as close to accurate account as to get the fix

    I got an elonex etouch 700et of my wife just something simple to web browse facebook emails and such like the appmarket that came with stock rom was erm crap at best so I went to the website support and saw the offered an alternative which in my opnion is crap as well so I looked for a new rom that supported the official android market in ofder to get the apps I require and job well done the rom is the epad 1.9_88 runs perfectly obv a few things that don't work I.e 3g adsl and bluetooth but they came with the stock rom but this device does support any of them the only real issue is the audio and support for adobe 10.3 (I know with out 2.3.7 or above the 10.3 won't happen) but I'm looking for a fix for the audio as I have some music I would really like to play whilst working on it is there anything I can do myself or a codec I need to download or is it just not going to work because its a rom ported from another device

    All help will greatfully received

    I must add that I'm in no way a complete noob to flashing new roms to devices although my main area is the lg gt540 mobile phone which I have upgraded from the stock 1.6 to the 2.3.7 cyanogenmod/oxygenmod port so I have some basic knowledge of flashing roms and in some way porting them to new devices

    Alternatively if anyone could assist me in the porting of a 2.3.7 rom for my device that would be even better

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