Good news for Ainol novo 7 torados users:-) Must read thread

Discussion in 'Novo Tablets' started by salmankhan704, Jul 1, 2014.


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    ainol novo 7 tornados
    Good News!!!! :Hey you all, i have find solution for the touch issue , last night was fed up from my tablet(ainol novo 7 tornados), and wanted to throw it out as it was not responsing on touch , but i decided to open the tab and see all the things what really the problem is (I am student of B.E Electronics), i found that the battery is very close to the screen and there is no proper insulation between the screen and battery, and battery is really hot, and that causes the touch not work properly , then i place insulation between them and restart the tablet and then Every thing working way too good , after that no touch issue at all , now i am satisfied from the tablet

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