Google Drive Soon to Arrive; Google Raises Google Docs Storage Limit from 1GB to Five

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    There are signs pointing to an imminent release of Google Drive, the cloud storage service that Google has been talking about for a while. There have been rumors and rumblings that Google would launch the service soon, and now we have a hint from Google themselves. Earlier today they bumped the quota of Google Docs storage from 1GB to 5GB, which has been rumored to be the initial amount of their "free" tier for Google Drive. Additional industry intel suggests that Google Drive will have several increments and various prices up to 100GB of cloud storage, or possibly more. Here's a quote with some more details,

    It's possible we will see it announced as early as today, although it could simply come later this week. It will be interesting to see how competitively/aggressively Google prices their new service to compete with the folks that are already doing it like Dropbox and Box.

    Source: AndroidPolice
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