Google Glass Could Sell for Just $600 in 2014

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    So far, one of the several things holding back the wide adoption of Google's wearable tech device called Google Glass has been a steep price-point. The initial limited rollout cost quite a bit more than the average person's budget. According to the latest intel, it's probably they will change a great deal in 2014. Supposedly, Google is eyeing a target price of as low as $600 for their next consumer launch of the tech-infused eyewear.

    Even at $600 bucks, that's still a far cry from being what most consumers would call "affordable," so it remains to be seen just how quickly the technology will take off. Of course, it also depends on just how useful Google can engineer the hardware and software of the Android-based goggles. We also know that Google may be targeting an eventual price of just $300, although it could take years to get there.

    Sound off in the thread and let us know what you think of this potential new price for Google Glass. Also share with us if your opinion of the device would change much if it became more affordable.

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    My guess 3 months after release China will release their $100 version, so it will be affordable to the masses. True Google wont be able to get their over pricing for long, 3 months top. But hey the people Google robs in the first 3 months wont be me, I will get the Chinese version.

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