Google Handwrite Brings Back Old School Writing

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    Do you remember that long lost skill called writing that you learned back in Elementary School? Well it's back with Google's newest innovation called Handwriting. Forget bringing up your keyboard to do a search on Google's search page, now you can just write anywhere on your screen with your finger and it will be automatically entered into the search box.

    To activate the feature, you'll need to go to in your mobile browser and enable the Handwrite option in settings. After you save it and back out, a Handwrite icon appears in the bottom right corner of the screen; tap it and it activates the writing surface. Place your finger anywhere on the screen and begin to write. Your beautiful handwriting appears on the screen and gets translated to standard letters that appear in the search field. Autosuggest will be cued up to make the search even faster. Check out the video of Handwrite in action. Enjoy!

    Source: CNet
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