Google Helpouts Officially Goes Live; Available on Desktop or Android

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    Google is adding a whole new dimension to Google Hangouts. They just added a new service called Google Helpouts and it is already live and available on the desktop or Android platforms. Google Helpouts basically allows you to use Google Hangouts in a new way. The goal is to offer people a place to get help on a vast variety of topics using Google Hangouts. This could include topics from DIY repairs, to computer tech support, to cooking and much more. The possibilities are nearly endless.

    Google Helpouts basically allows folks to help each other either for free or for a fee. What's truly unique about this is that instead of getting a random person, you actually have the power to choose from whom you get help based upon a variety of factors like availability, qualifications, ratings, price, and reviews. Here's a full quote below from Google's blog on their new Helpouts service. You can also find out more in the video above.

    Source: Google Blog & Google Helpouts
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    Seen this on the news.
    Will it help peple or is it another way to track people. After all that's their business model.

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