Google Maps Easter Egg Lets You Take a Virtual Walk Into the TARDIS

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    Although this isn't exactly Android related news, it is Google related geek entertainment that we thought some of you would appreciate. Apparently, some crafty Googlers got a chance to "sneak into the TARDIS" and create a Google Maps easter egg of its main control room and a bit more.

    There is a specific spot within Google Maps in the UK where you can find a nondescript Police Call Box. If you click on the "double-arrows" it will take you inside the multi-dimensional space within where the Time Lord himself pilots the TARDIS.

    Thanks to the folks at TechCrunch for sharing this excellent find!

    Here's the link to the Google Maps spot to check it out: Google Maps - Nondescript Call Box

    Here's a quick word from the source regarding the easter egg,

    And, for those non-super-nerds out there who don't know what the TARDIS is, we have this link: TARDIS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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