Google Officially Announces Hangouts Unified Messaging Service

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    For weeks now we have been hearing rumors about a new Hangouts unified messaging service from Google. Today at Google I/O they made it official and shared the details,
    • Hangouts combines all Google messaging services including Google Talk, Google+ Hangouts and Google Messenger
    • It will be available starting Wednesday on Google Chrome OS, Android and iOS
    • It can also be accessed through desktop versions of Google+ and Gmail
    • Hangouts will also allow users to save text, images and videos from any of their chats conducted across all platforms
    • It will also allow you to access them through Google¬ís cloud storage service
    • Hangouts will also let users start video calls with up to 10 people at the same time
    Even though Google hasn't really announced any cool new gadgets (other than the unlocked pure Android SGS4), it is obvious they have been focusing hardcore on developing better software experiences. It's sometimes easy to forget that not all major technological advances are physical objects. Software is what drives our devices to do so much, and it's developers that make this amazing stuff possible.

    Source: Google I/O

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