Google: Play Developers' App Reviews; Combines Cloud Storage Gmail, Drive & G+ Pics

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    We have a Google Double for your guys today, not to be confused with the Daily Double on Jeopardy. This story is actually from yesterday, but we didn't quite get to it because yesterday had quite a few stories which were a bit more exciting. Still, it's important to share this in case you guys missed it. Google has made some updates to their services. First, Google Play Store developers can now respond directly to app reviews in the Play Store to answer questions or offer help. The feature was actually available to the top developers for about a year, but Google has since unrestricted it and it is now available to "all" developers.

    You can post your responses using the Developer Console and it will show up right below the person you are responding to. An email notification will be sent directly to any user you reply to. Then, users can update their reviews, if they choose. This system can help you build a reputation as a developer who follows up with customers, so use it accordingly.

    The second interesting change Google made is they have combined many of their cloud storage options into one. You can now combine your 5GB of Gmail storage with your 5 GB of Google Drive storage and your 5GB of Google+ Pics storage for a total of 15GB. You no longer have to separate them and can commingle your personal content. For Google Apps customers you can now do the same thing and combine for 30GB of unified storage, and if you purchase additional Google Drive storage it too will combine with your total. Well... why didn't they think of that sooner? :)

    Source: Gmail Blog

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