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    Coby Kyros MD1024
    I have a Coby Kyros 1024MID with a custom ROM (GingerLF EVO 1.5). The fingerprint for the custom ROM is a Samsung PT-G1000. Previously, I can see thousands upon thousand of apps, games, wallpapers, etc...

    But mysteriously, a few days ago, when I log into Google Play, I can only see a handful of games, apps, etc.. What seems to be wrong here? Is it because I am running a custom ROM. I checked my profile in Market and it does list my device (recognized as a Samsung).

    I have a lot of games installed, two of them re Eternal Warriors and Gun Bros....i de-isntalled Gun Bros as it was locking up. I was not able to save the APK thus I went to Google play. It doe snot show up in Google play unless you do a search. When I found it, it says that the application is NOT comaptbile with my device. So, in desperation, I searched the Internet and found an APK for Gun Bros. I installed it, and it runs perfect.

    Is someone else having the saem issue? I have a friend who has an Asus Transformer and seems he is also having the same issues og haveing too few apps being displyed in Google Play... :mad:

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