Google Play (Market) on 7022 with working home key

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    Coby Kyros MID7022
    Short version:
    Maybe someone already knows this... but if installing google market breaks the home key, it may be due to the framework blocking the home handler because the tablet's not provisioned... that was the problem I had on my MID7022.

    The long version:
    So I got a MID7022 about a month ago, and I had some trouble getting market to work, in that, as several other on this site reported, the Home key would quit working after market had been installed for awhile (usually within an hour or so of market being installed.

    After a fair amount of reading and searching I arrived at the following non-trivial procedure which appears to be working (more or less) correctly. Note, this is intended to be a breadcrumb to other embedded developer types, rather than user instructions. There are probably ways to make this alot simpler, which I may follow up wth as time allows. Don't try this at home unless you're ready to :

    The base problems seem to have been that the android provisioning would not complete on my tab due to some issue attempting to move on from the 'click the android' prompt, and when not provisioned, there's some logic in the keyguard that blocks the home button (presumably so you don't use the home key to bypass the provisioning wizard.

    So, what I've done so far:

    1) First:
    I rooted with super one click (very simple)

    2) Then:
    I installed CM Recovery and made a backup. (Seriously, I would have bricked my tab about 6 times over if I hadn't had the backup... don't skip this!!)

    3) Next:
    (did you make a backup)
    I got the Android sdk, source, etc on my linux box, following instructions at: Downloading the Source Tree | Android Open Source
    I also installed the CodeSourcery cross-compiler

    4) Next:
    (did you make a backup)
    I built the sqlite3 (from the android source) and installed it on the tab using adb. I then updated the settings database as follows:

    $ adb shell
    $ sqlite3 /data/data/
    sqlite> .tables
    sqlite> select * from secure;
    sqlite> INSERT INTO secure (name, value) VALUES (‘device_provisioned’, 1);
    sqlite> .exit

    5) Then:
    (did you make a backup)
    I disabled the setup wizard, since it doesn't seem to run correctly for me.

    <item name="" />

    to the package, so that the whole section looked like:
    <package name="" codePath="/system/app/SetupWizard.apk" system="true" ts="1217592000000" userId="10010"> <sigs count="1"> <cert index="0" /> </sigs> <disabled-components> <item name="" /> </disabled-components> </package>

    Finally I installed the google framework/market from:
    Latest Version - CyanogenMod Wiki (the CyanogenMod 7 version , since my 7022 is gingerbread based)
    Ran the market, and it upgraded itself to google play.

    Market(play) works, my home button/screen lock work. so that's all good.
    I do still get some FCs from the google framework, so it's not perfect (yet)

    The following links were quite helpful in figuring this much out:
    Jun Sun's Notes on Android Development Phone 1 (ADP1)
    Passion :: Bohemian :: Enable screen lock and HOME key

    Other developer tidbits:
    I notice the files at: appear to be newer than what telechips has on their website... but not an exact match for the Kyros 7022 (missing sound and some other stuff) if you're trying to hack a kernel for these tabs, there might be something useful in there.


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